no clear mind

LISTEN 01 When You Sat By Your Window Pane
02 Celeste
03 Fall Down / Rise Up
04 When You're Not Here
05 Babel
06 Morning Rain In June
07 Escher's Waterfall Carried Us Away
08 People Changing In the Streets
09 Troubled Stroll
10 Coda
INN079L - April 2013

No Clear Mind already have a loyal audience thanks to their first album, “Dream Is Destiny”, which was self-released in 2009 and freely distributed over the internet and now lists thousands of downloads. Their new album is titled “Mets” and is released in April 2013 via Inner Ear.

“Mets” is a cinematic narrative of ten instrumental tracks based on melody and unstrained rhythmicity. Having strong autobiographical elements, the tracks function as a music depiction of past memories and emotional states, small stories tied inextricably with the track titles.

It all started in the homonymous neighborhood of Athens, initially as a personal project of Vasilis Dokakis on ambient instrumental themes with intense cinematic elements. At the same time along with Lefteris Volanis (through their side project Mother Tree) they began to indulge in psychedelic folk and the rhythmic perception of the 70s. A building in the heart of Mets, that houses for years now the artistic activities of various Athenian creative teams, was to become the “home” and a source of inspiration for No Clear Mind. The small apartment was turned into a studio. Vasilis Dokakis took over the composition and production and through his daily interaction with Lefteris Volanis and the three new members of the band began a project of intensive recordings, testing, changes and arrangements that lasted over 2 years and resulted in the recording of countless versions, from which stood out the 10 tracks of “Mets”.

A DIY production approach was consciously followed in order to capture the ideas and musical range of “Mets” without any time limits. The emphasis in the orchestration part, the intense lyricism and the choice of a “wall of sound” aesthetics demanded the very well-thought-out arrangement of the numerous instruments used. It is worth noting that, along with the folk influences and the 70s melodic and rhythmic elements, the entire album gives off a rare Greek aroma as perceived by No Clear Mind.

“Mets” is released in double 10inch vinyl (including bonus cd) and digital album from Inner Ear.

No Clear Mind are:
Vasilis Dokakis (vocals, guitars, piano, programming)
Lefteris Volanis (vocals, guitars)
Kostas Haliotis (drums)
Dimitris Pagidas (piano, synth)
Babis Theoharis (bass)