fantastikoi hxoi

fantastikoi hxoi
LISTEN 01 In Motion
02 Ascension Dance
03 Prismatic
04 Secrets of the Sun
05 Desert Equations
06 Carina Nebula
07 Recollection
08 Terrestrial Tapestries
09 A Strange Light From the East
10 Dream Chart
11 Paroxysm
12 Scattered Star
13 Beyond the Remains
14 Sequential Message
15 Horizon Unfolding
16 True
INN073L - December 2012

Aggelos Baltas is the man behind the name Fantastikoi Hxoi (Imaginary Sounds) and during the last 7 years has become known for the unusual blending of his own original electronic music with rare samples (mostly from the early 60’s). Ηis second album entitled “Fantastikoi Hxoi” (Imaginary Sounds) is released a few days before the end of 2012.

“Fantastikoi Hxoi” (Imaginary Sounds) is literally a fantastic journey to another dimension, through electronic soundscapes, where music without words meets science fiction and personal imagination of every listener who will indulge in the 16 tracks of the album. The influences of krautrock, kosmische and early electronica meet the Greek psychedelia of the 60’s and 70’s and the result is a unique atmosphere of retro futurism with eerie, dark but often uplifting sounds. The production of the album has been from the beginning based on the structure of vinyl: the tracks are divided into four sessions (one for each side) and thus compose the different moods of the album, but also function as a whole, creating an interplanetary electronic labyrinth.

“Fantastikoi Hxoi” (Imaginery Sounds) is released in double vinyl with bonus cd and digital album from Inner Ear.