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by typing "i talk", you don't talk
LISTEN 01 Eraser
02 The Sentence
03 The Semicolon
04 The Dirty Utopians
05 Sunken Palace
06 Italian Girl
07 XXT
08 Maria De Naglowska
09 Bombus
10 You Never Know
INN069 - October 2012
INN069L - January 2013

A year has passed since the release of the album “Hearts Of Gold” from Inner Ear. A year of major activity for its creator, filled with music, good reviews from Greek media, enthusiastic reports on well-known sites and blogs abroad, and many live performances in Greece. 24 year old Kid Flicks continues to divide his time creatively in music, painting and graphic design and “By Typing” I Talk “, You Don’t Talk” is the latest example of his artistic activities.

“By Typing” I Talk “, You Don’t Talk” keeps the audio and visual variegation of “Hearts Of Gold”, except that its tracks are less relaxed, more restless and more intensely emotionally charged. It sounds basically electronic, but the truth is that midi has been used sparingly and its composition consists mainly of processed and synthesized musical instruments (such as guitars, bass, percussion, steeldrum, mandolin) and sounds of the body. The variety of sounds, the majority of which are not always recognizable at first listen, works like a blurred memory like those formed when the mind does not remember well, like a movie from our childhood that we remember differently when we grow-up. The album is influenced, among other things, from the melodies of The Beach Boys and Os Mutantes, the sounds of Harry Paartch, the first album of Aphex Twin and the recent albums of Panda Bear and Ducktails.

The title “By Typing” I Talk “, You Don’t Talk” summarizes an aspect of the modern virtual reality as experienced daily through little and big, innocent and dangerous lies. The 10 tracks of the album are accompanied by a booklet, where each track is decoded through its own illustration and sketches have taken the place of liner notes and lyrics.

“By Typing” I Talk “, You Don’t Talk” is released on Inner Ear on cd and digital album and is meant to be played as loud as the human ear can withstand.

hearts of gold
LISTEN 01 Anhkein
02 The Institute
03 A Pleasant Weekend
04 My Own Song
05 Next Boat
06 Sum Of Light
07 Mount Destro
INN041 - September 2011

We got to know him quite recently (through his gigs and the internet) under the name Flight36-Β. While shortly after boarding he abandoned this name and adopted Kid Flicks, which expresses him better, the flight of “Hearts Of Gold”, after a short delay, is ready to take off.

“Hearts Of Gold” was written between 2008-2010 through experimentation, rehearsals, testing, and changes and is entirely created by Kid Flicks: music, lyrics, musical instruments, singing, recording, mixing, artwork. But its audio and artwork are so colorful and so different from track to track that one would think that an entire team has been recruited for its production. There are several reasons for this… Kid Flicks recorded the album, using his MacBook, in the most unlikely places, e.g. in the car in a field outside Preveza, an evening on a beach, on a boat at sea, in a forest near his house in Lefkada. The mixes also: in friends’ houses, cafés, student dormitories in Munich. Kid Flicks’ stimuli and influences from travel, books, paintings, movies and music are endless. In parallel, his involvement with painting and Twombly’s influence in his notetaking have resulted in an original way of creative expression: the structures of his tracks and lyrics are usually found among notes, rough sketches and smudges, which in someone else’s eyes make no sense at all.

“Hearts Of Gold” is an album that definitely should be heard as loud as possible, ideally with headphones and maybe on an island. Available from Inner Ear in limited edition vinyl including cd.


“A record that allows you to travel Europe without leaving your apt.”


“Εικόνες κουνημένες, ήχοι παραμορφωμένοι, κομμάτια από ολόκληρο το pop σύμπαν συναρμολογούνται με δεξιοτεχνία, το χιούμορ κρατάει την ισορροπία. Η pop του 21ου αιώνα παράγεται και στην Ελλάδα”

Athens Voice

''Οι επτά πολύχρωμες συνθέσεις του άλμπουμ, ξεχειλίζουν από όμορφα δείγματα ποπ, ψυχεδέλειας και μουσικών του κόσμου.’'


''οι εικόνες που σχηματίζω εκεί που ζουν και αναπνέουν στη δύση, ξαφνικά χάνονται και ξαναβρίσκονται κάπου ανάμεσα στην Καραϊβική και την Μέση Ανατολή.’'

Exostis Press